Brake pads 5, 60 thousand kilometers to change. Learn these 2 methods, no one dare to pit you money

Brake pads 5, 60 thousand kilometers to change. Learn these 2 methods, no one dare to pit you money

I believe many owners go to the 4S shop to do maintenance, the oil, machine, filter these are some understanding, but this time sales staff to tell you, your brake system needs to be replaced. You must have been listening, and you think it's not going to pit my money......

In fact, the brake system is a very large and complex system, and usually we can see in the wheel is: brake caliper and brake disc two parts. The brakes are generally not bad, and today we are talking about the brake caliper, which needs to be replaced by the brake pads we are talking about today.

Let's start with a popular question: will the brake pads be replaced by 5 or 60 thousand kilometers?

In fact, this is to observe and drive through two parts to determine whether the brake pads to the replacement cycle.

How to determine if the brake pads need replacing?

1, the naked eye observation

The easiest way is to see the dashboard prompt, when the brake light is always on, you need to replace the brake pads in time.

However, some cars do not have this cue light, so the owner can see the thickness of the brake pads by observing the gap in the wheel rim scroll. Normally, a new brake pad is about 1.5cm thick. (but it's not convenient and inaccurate.)

At the usual maintenance time, let 4S shop personnel to your frame up, the wheels removed, so you can directly see the thickness of the brake pads.

If your car is worn to 1/3 or 1/4 of the new brake block, you can replace it, and you can let the maintenance personnel measure it with a ruler.

Also, every brake piece has a minimum mark for wear. If your car gets worn out here, you'll have to replace it! If not replaced, the iron mark has been worn directly with the brake disc.

2, driving experience and phenomenon

The inspection is the safest method, but some phenomena can also indicate the degree of wear of the brake pads. When you hear it creaked in the sound of metal friction brake when the brakes, there may be a problem, so be sure to check as soon as possible.

There is when you can feel the brakes, brake pedal feedback intensity, intensity larger than usual words, to stop, this is also a warning phenomenon. (this may be a bit abstract.)

Everyone's driving habits are not the same, some people drive is relatively gentle, open to 5, 60 thousand kilometers, brake pads thickness is still relatively thick, there is no need to replace.

The electronic and mechanical brake brakes need to pay attention to what?

In the mechanical brake brakes before the handbrake down on it, but your car is electronic handbrake, in addition to the electronic handbrake down, but also need to use the computer after the change detection, also need to reset the computer. These complex work, general roadside shops can not be completed, it is recommended to professional repair shop or 4S shop master for repair and maintenance.

The brake pads don't work the same. Can you just change one?

There are owners to ask such questions: four brake pads wear to varying degrees, I am not only for the most serious wear and tear on it?

Here we strongly recommend not to do this, for example, the front wheel, the front wheel brake is the main parts of the car, if you left and right of the two brake wear degree is not the same, the braking force is not the same, this is a very serious security risks! Want two at the same time change together, the most reliable is four brake pieces change together, but the cost will be relatively higher.

However, some people say that this is alarmist? Not, two rounds of the braking force is not the same, and poor brakes will cause the wheels lock up such a situation! I think the topic of security, how to emphasize is not excessive, safe travel is our car owner friends most needed!

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