How often do you change the brake pads? You don't know

How often do you change the brake pads? You don't know

Brake system plays a very important role in the safety of vehicles. A little negligence can cause a lot of accidents. It can be said that the brake pads are the protectors of human beings and automobiles. So we need to pay more attention to the brake system. Since each driver's braking frequency is different, it is difficult to define how long the brake pads need to be replaced. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to see some common sense about brake pads.

Brake pads are also called brake pads. In the car's braking system, the brake pad is the most critical safety parts, all the braking effect is good or bad, brake pads play a decisive role, so the good brake pads are the protection of man and the car. We should check the brake pads regularly to see if they need replacing.

汽车刹车片多久换一次 这些小常识你肯定不知道


The cycle time of the brake pads and the brake discs is not fixed, depending on the vehicle running condition and the frequency and intensity of the driver's stepping on the brake pedal. The replacement mileage of conventional brake pads is about 25 thousand -3 kilometers per driving.

Here are some special cases that need to be noted:

1, novice brakes generally step on more, consumption will be greater.

2, automatic gear than manual brake pad, because automatic gear shift is to rely on the accelerator pedal and brake pedal.

汽车刹车片多久换一次 这些小常识你肯定不知道

 3, often open the city car, brake disc consumption will be more often than open the road car. Because often open the city car, often stop and go, use the brakes will be more. Take the road may walk tens of kilometers, need to slow down or stop, the opportunity to use the brake is relatively small.

汽车刹车片多久换一次 这些小常识你肯定不知道


4, heavy load of the car, brake pads large losses. Similarly, the speed of the deceleration brake, heavy car inertia large, need the brake pad friction force is big, so wear big.

What are the warning signs for brake pads?:

1, driving computer tips:

A red letter will appear in the general alarm. Please check the brake pads". Then there is an icon, a circle, surrounded by a few dotted parentheses. Generally speaking, the indication is near the limit and needs to be replaced immediately.

汽车刹车片多久换一次 这些小常识你肯定不知道


2, brake belt comes with alarm film hint:

Some of the old car brake pads are not connected to the drive computer, but a small piece of alarm iron is installed on the brake pads. When the friction material is worn out, the brake disc is not the brake pad, but the alarm iron sheet. At this time, the car will make a harsh metal friction between the "chirp" sound, that is, to replace the brake signal.

汽车刹车片多久换一次 这些小常识你肯定不知道


3, simple daily self-examination method:

Check the brake pad and the brake disc is thin, can be checked using a small flashlight, when the inspection found a black material friction brake pads wear out quickly, thickness of 5 mm or less, you should consider replacing the.

4, car sense:

If you have more experience, you may feel the brakes are softer when the brake pads aren't there. What about this one?. It's up to you to drive yourself for years.

In the choice of replacement brake pads, the need to select good quality, as far as possible to choose the original parts, of course, the original parts in quality must be no problem, but the price is also more expensive. If the brakes in the repair shop, you need to be very careful, because some manufacturers in order to save costs, do not set the alarm on the back of the steel wire, the friction material wear all over, there will be Whistler, it is very dangerous. Therefore, in the price range allowed, or well-known brands more reliable, the replacement of the brake pads generally longer service life.

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