How to prevent the damage of plastic window hardware fittings

How to prevent the damage of plastic window hardware fittings

Plastic window hardware parts damage is generally manifested as: hardware parts fixed not strong, loose and fall off, pulley, slide hinge and other damage, open and close inflexible.

Cause of hardware damage

Improper selection of hardware fittings, poor quality; no metal lining when fastening; not enough installation strength.

Measures to prevent metal parts from being damaged

1, the selection of hardware accessories model, specifications and performance should comply with the current national standards and relevant provisions, and matching with the use of plastic doors and windows.

2, the width of more than 1 meters of sliding window, or install double glazing doors and windows, should be set double pulley, or choose rolling pulley.

3, slide hinge shall not use aluminum alloy materials, stainless steel materials should be used.

4, with fastening screws to install hardware, must be lined with metal lining, the thickness of the lining should be at least two times greater than the distance between the fasteners. Shall not be fastened on plastic profiles, nor shall non-metallic lining be used.

5, hardware accessories should be installed at the end, doors and windows lock, handle, etc., should be placed in the window door frame after the assembly, to ensure the correct position, flexible switch.

6, hardware installation should pay attention to maintenance, to prevent rust corrosion. In daily use, light closing should be avoided to prevent hard shut and hard opening, which will cause damage.

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