Inorganic pigment characteristics

Inorganic pigment is light, heat, weather, solvent resistance, hiding power, but the chromatographic is not complete, low tinting strength, poor color brightness, part of the metal salt and oxide toxicity.

Inorganic pigment:

The main components of inorganic pigments. Almost all inorganic pigments are compounds, often complex mixtures, in which the metal is a part of the molecule.

Mechanism of action:

The basic optical properties of inorganic pigments and pigment properties, mainly from the following three aspects to determine:

① the difference between the refractive index of the pigment and the dispersion medium;

② absorbed by the solid light (including impurities in solids);

③ particle size and particle size distribution. Particle size and particle size distribution can be improved by surface treatment.

In the pigment production process, no matter how fine pigment powder is milled, there will always be some aggregated and flocculated particles. Pigment in the transport, storage process, due to extrusion, moisture will further flocculation into large particles, and the finer the pigment, the larger the surface area, the surface energy can be more easily flocculated together.

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