Inorganic pigment composition

The main components of inorganic pigments. Almost all inorganic pigments are compounds, often complex mixtures, in which the metal is a part of the molecule.

With the global economic recovery, the domestic and international construction materials, paint, plastic, ink and other industries have shown rapid growth, the demand for inorganic pigments also increased rapidly. With the rapid development of coatings industry, inorganic pigments as one of the main raw materials have made great progress, with titanium dioxide and iron oxide accounting for the largest proportion.

During the "12th Five-year Plan" period, Chi-Wei Data Research Center said that the state will implement the control of the total amount of pollutants such as heavy metals in some areas. With the stringent national environmental protection laws and regulations and the increasing demand for environmentally friendly inorganic pigments in the downstream areas, During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, great progress will surely be made in the research and development, production and application of environmentally friendly inorganic pigments. At present, many countries are becoming non-toxic and environmentally friendly inorganic pigments that can replace traditional lead-cadmium pigments under the strict environmental protection laws and regulations. Domestic is also actively developing environmentally friendly inorganic pigments, the downstream industry has brought hope for the application, the industry prospects can be expected.

Improve the level of environmental protection and safety of inorganic pigments to achieve lead-free has been widely recognized by the industry's enterprises, environmentally friendly inorganic pigments development trend.

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