Properties of pigments

Properties of pigments:

1. pigment color: the result of the selective absorption of pigments by white light components. The physical properties of the pigment, such as dispersibility, affect color within a certain limit, because the extent of dispersion affects the conditions of the pigment's reflection, and the smaller the grain size, the darker the hue, the greater the brightness.

2. hiding power: the pigment in the paint film can cover the surface of the coating film, which is the ability that it can not appear through the coating film.

3., coloring force: one color and another color mixing ability to form color strength, color power is strong, less dosage.

4. oil absorption: the size and dispersion of pigments are dependent, but not determined by the degree of dispersion.

5. particle size: not only determines the characteristics of the pigment, but also determines the quality of the coating.

6., light fastness: pigment in the role of light, the color changes in varying degrees.

7. powder: after a certain time of exposure produced film, film forming material in the coating film is damaged, on the surface of the pigment can continue to firmly in the film, and fall off from the film, forming a layer of powder, can be washed off with water or wipe. This phenomenon is called pulverization.

8. body composition

9. moisture: pigment moisture is too high, often to paint caused many problems.

10. heat resistance

11. solvent resistance

12. acid and alkali resistance

13. relative density and specific volume

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