Teach you how to maintain hardware accessories

Teach you how to maintain hardware accessories

Hardware fittings are hardware parts or parts made of hardware, and some hardware products. It can be used alone or as a aid. Furniture hardware fittings is an important part of furniture, its maintenance largely affects the service life of furniture, so the maintenance of furniture hardware accessories should pay attention to.

Its maintenance method is:

1, furniture hardware accessories clean, to wipe with wet cloth or wet cloth dipped in neutral detergent or detergent treatment, and finally wipe dry water stains. High temperature cups or other hot articles can not be placed directly on furniture hardware fittings (glass, stainless steel, hardware handle, etc.). Feet and heat insulation pads should be used to avoid surface discoloration or blistering.

2, the surface has serious stains or scratches, fireworks burns, you can use fine sandpaper (400-500) light grinding surface, and then wipe with 100 clean cloth.

3, do not use sharp or hard articles of furniture hardware accessories to avoid scraping the surface, and hydrochloric acid, salt, brine substances such as contact.

4, keep clean, the use of careless surface water, should be dried after use, often keep the surface clean and dry.

5, metal rail, hinge, hinge, etc., should be regularly lubricated, in order to maintain bright lubrication.

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