The 3 mode of door and window hardware enterprise to fall to death

The pattern innovation is no less than the product quality innovation, the mode innovation operation is proper, can greatly create the door and window fittings hardware enterprise miracle, wins the broader development "the engine"!

In the backward mode, enterprises will eventually be eliminated from the market model. In today's era of brand building on Internet plus, the 3 model will be eliminated if the doors and windows hardware enterprises still use the hidden crisis a lot.

1, the self-employed business is still stuck in the age of traders, without its own marketing team.

2, at the level of distribution, it is still looking for products, changing products and making a mess, rather than managing talents and culture. Doors and windows hardware enterprises only learn and train talents constantly, so that they can keep their youth forever, otherwise they will not keep pace with the market development, and face many difficulties and pressures.

3. Do not pay attention to storefront management and do not reload in three years

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