The pigment characteristics of acrylic pigments

The pigment characteristics of acrylic pigments

Acrylic pigment

(1) water can be used for washing.

(2) quick drying. The pigment in the pen after a few minutes to dry, do not have to wait a few months to finish to be like painting as glazing. Painters who prefer slow drying pigments can use retarders to retard the drying time of pigments.

(3) the coloring layer will lose its solubility rapidly after drying, and form a tough, elastic film without water seepage. This film is similar to rubber.

(4) full color, dense, fresh and smooth, no matter how to reconcile, there will be no "dirty", "gray" feeling. The coloring layer will never be contaminated by oil absorption.

(5) the permanence of the works is longer. Oil painting in the film for a long time, easy to oxidize, yellow, hardened, easy to cause cracks in the picture. The acrylic film will never be brittle in theory and will never turn yellow.

(6) the biggest difference between acrylic pigment and oil painting is the operation characteristic of general water pigment, which can be used as watercolour and gouache.

(7) the acrylic molding ointment contains granules, with coarse particles and fine particles, which is convenient for making skin texture.

(8) acrylic paint non-toxic, harmful to the human body.

Marley brand acrylic painting pigments, is a new type of painting materials, products of bright color, fast dry, dry screen without light, water resistance, dry paint film is tough, not easy to crack, preservation, adhesion, can paint in a variety of carriers. In all kinds of painting techniques, there is great versatility.

Marley's hand-painted textile pigments and Marley acrylic paint are waterproof, and Marley hand-painted textile pigments are specially painted on fiber fabrics. In general, 24 hours after the water, it is best to iron iron, strengthen the color of the attachment. Acrylic paint is generally imported, so the price is more expensive than textile pigments, so for the first hand hand-painted friends, textile pigments are more affordable.

Hand painted clothing maintenance notes:

1, we just bought clothes are washed, ironed, only for painting, new processing hand-painted clothing even after 48 hours before washing and ironing (mail friends do not have to worry about, can be received at any time after cleaning).

2, because the pigment is hand-painted paint special, is covered in penetration and the surface of the dress, and the pattern surface material will not be attached to dirt, so when cleaning do not use bleach detergent, do not rub the surface pattern, it is best to use a 40 DEG C below the warm water or cold water cleaning.

3, as far as possible not to use washing machine washing, washing machines can only use weak wash, but also to dress patterns into the inside, and then wash,.

4, after washing, immediately from the washing machine out, do not use the dryer dry, dry naturally, do not hand painted clothing in the sun exposure.

Textile paint and acrylic pigment have professional seasoning, seasoning is used to paint liquid. The characteristics of the seasoning can maintain the characteristics of the pigment, strengthen the fastness of the pigment on the clothes, and alleviate the time when the pigment dries up. Textile pigment must be used for seasoning, its own paint adhesion than acrylic paint, in order to maintain pigment in the clothes on a longer period of time, so we must use textile seasoning. Acrylic paint with no spices, no much difference, a small amount of water instead of seasoning is feasible, of course, if you want to make the insurance point of acrylic paint can be used a little lighter delay time can also be used dry seasoning.

Notes on the use of acrylic pigments:

1 propylene easy to dry, should not be squeezed out too much, painting is best to use professional propylene diluent

2, in order to prevent the paint in the brush on the solidification, painting do not use the brush, preferably soaked in water, after painting, wash your pen in time

3, after the screen dry, waterproof, but afraid of glare, sun, pay attention to the protection of the work

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