What are the general brake calipers parameters

The best answer High-performance brake pads are the most direct, effective, and simple way to improve brake braking. At present, most high-performance brake pads are mostly made of carbon fiber and metal materials as the main raw material, and emphasize the environmentally friendly formula without asbestos. Since Know-How of brake pads lies in the formula of the material, consumers can not know the actual material from the product label. Therefore, the selection of brake pads should be based on the friction coefficient provided by the manufacturer - the temperature curve and applicable working temperature Outside (if any), only from the professional media test report or experience as a reference. There are owners of misuse of purely competitive brake pads, spent a high price but also get worse than the original brake pads brake effect, the reason is that it is tame way to drive the brake pads are always unable to achieve the most basic working temperature, Of course, the effect is poor. The most common problems for the brake pads is accompanied by the noise, if the disk is flat it has no solution The so-called disc is disc brake caliper grip that piece of iron, the general simple design is a disk Fixed on the wheel frame and rotate synchronously with the wheel frame. When the caliper clamps the disk, it will decelerate the disk and then decelerate the tire. This is the basic principle of the disk brake. But the problem has arisen, the caliper is across the disc on both sides, when the caliper clamping, clamping the left and right sides of the same stroke it, if different, the disc should be crooked to the right. And the friction between the brake pads and the disc will be heated, the disc after the heat should be expanded, where it will expand it? In fact, to solve the above two problems is very simple, as long as the disc will move up and down around OK, this Is the basic principle of floating disc.

When the disc brake, it will produce high temperature, there will be heat up the disk appears, the floating plate will have a slight swing, make the right angle, with the brake pads have a most suitable friction surface, to maintain the stability of the brake, Disk area increases, but also to help the cooling plate.

Long brake or brake vigorously, the brake disc friction surface will be due to intense friction and high temperature vertical expansion occurs (that is, the outer diameter of the expansion). In the case of an integrated brake disk, the high-temperature expanded rim and the cooler bracket are rigidly connected, which results in a strong internal pull-out stress, which in severe cases results in lateral distortion of the disk surface, and the larger the diameter of the brake disk, The more obvious. In order to obtain a larger braking torque, high-performance brake system uses a large diameter brake disc, in order to avoid serious thermal deformation of the brake disc brake failure, the engineer will brake disc outer friction surface and the inner bracket separate the middle with a special non-rigid Structural link, that is, floating link. In this way, the friction surface and the support stand become a relatively independent force surface. When the friction surface is heated and expanded, the floating structure allows a certain free longitudinal expansion space of the friction surface, thereby eliminating the internal pulling stress condition with the support frame, So as to maintain the friction surface will not be distorted due to uneven heating, so that the brake is more stable and reliable.

There are three functions of the disc drilling: First, we all know the heat, two can inhibit the brake noise, three is actually a side effect, that is, can reduce the weight.

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