Advantages And Disadvantages Of Disc Brake

Generally, there is no friction potential, so the brake efficiency is less affected by the friction coefficient, that is, the efficiency is relatively stable; the efficiency decreases less after immersion, and can be restored to normal after only one or two brakes; under the same output braking moment, the size and mass are generally smaller; the thermal expansion of the brake disc along the thickness direction is very small, and it will not be made like the thermal expansion of the brake drum. The brake pedal travel is too large because of the obvious increase of the clearance of the actuator. It is easier to realize the automatic adjustment of the clearance and other maintenance and repair operations are also simpler.
1. Good thermal stability. Because the size of the brake friction lining is not long, its working surface area is only 12%-6% of the area of the brake disc, so it has good heat dissipation.
2. Water stability is good. Because of the high unit pressure of the brake lining on the disc, it is easy to extrude the water, at the same time, it is easy to get rid of the water under the action of centrifugal force, plus the wiping effect of the lining on the disc, so that the normal braking performance can be restored only after one or two brakes after the water is discharged, while the drum brake can be restored to normal braking efficiency after more than ten brakes.
3. The braking moment has nothing to do with the forward and backward driving of the car.
4. The quality and dimension of disc brake are smaller than that of drum brake when the same braking moment is output.
5. The disc-type friction lining is easier to replace than the drum-type friction lining after wear and tear. The structure is also simpler and the maintenance is easier.
6. The clearance between the brake disc and the friction lining block is small (0.05-0.15mm), which shortens the operation time of the cylinder piston and makes it possible to increase the force-transmission ratio of the brake driving mechanism.
7. The thermal expansion of the brake disc will not cause the travel loss of the brake pedal like the thermal expansion of the brake drum, which also simplifies the design of the automatic clearance adjustment device.
Disc brake has its own defects. For example, the manufacture of brakes and brake pipes requires higher requirements, the loss of friction pads is larger and the cost is expensive, and because the area of friction pads is small, the working surface of relative friction is smaller, and the brake hydraulic pressure required is higher, so the brake piping pressure needed for hydraulic braking system is higher, generally servo is used. Installation.
Braking is rough. Two friction discs with friction lining can slide back and forth on the spline shaft, which is the rotating part of the brake. When braking, the vehicle can stop in a very short time. In addition, the inclination angle of the ball groove on the pressure plate can not be infinite, so the braking is not smooth.

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