Analysis On Type And Material Of Brake Sheet

Brake material defense

Brake pads are the most critical safety parts in the brake system of a car. All brake effects are determined by the brake pads. Brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, adhesive insulation, and friction blocks. The insulation layer is composed of materials that do not transfer heat and is designed to be insulated. The friction block consists of friction material and adhesive. When braking, it is squeezed on the brake disc or brake drum to generate friction, so as to achieve the purpose of decelerating the brake of the vehicle. As a result of friction, the friction block will gradually be worn, and generally the lower the cost, the faster the brake piece is worn. After the friction material is used, the brake plate must be replaced in time. Otherwise, the steel plate and the brake disc will come into direct contact, and eventually the braking effect will be lost and the brake disc will be damaged.

1. Semi-metal brakes, which are basically the same formula for all brake pads at the factory. Of course, this brake sheet is also the cheapest drawing. The lower friction coefficient of the brake sheet is generally 0.38. The life span is short. Some manufacturers also have a high friction coefficient for this type of brake. Of course, this is also prone to noise. In general, the use of such brakes in Japanese cars is very easy to generate noise. This is also inextricably linked to the brake disc.

2. Less metal brakes, which are slightly more expensive than semi-metals, and of course have higher performance. This kind of formula brake is a mid-range brake, but it is not recognized in the eyes of consumers. In fact, the cost of such brakes is still very high. Of course, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish between this type of brake and semi-metal brake, so it is difficult to choose, which is why consumers do not approve(this formula is suitable for any car system).

3. Ceramic brakes: There are many ceramic brakes on the market today. Of course, there are also counterfeit ones. Ceramic brakes made by different manufacturers are also different. The properties are all similar(with photos). Ceramic brakes are made of ceramic fibers, of course, which are not fired ceramics. The different raw materials used by different manufacturers of ceramic brakes also lead to differences in the price of ceramic brakes themselves(prices ranging from 20,000 to 90,000 ceramic fibers) and also lead to the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic fibers. Of course, this difference can not be distinguished in the eyes of consumers. Even manufacturers can not distinguish between quality and quality only after using it. The real 4. Ceramic brake sheet also contains aramid fiber, which is far superior to the above formula brake sheet in terms of service life and brake sheet performance. Of course, the price is also more expensive!

Carbon titanium ceramic fiber is a kind of friction material made of carbon fiber as an reinforcing material. Carbon fiber has the characteristics of high modulus, good thermal conductivity, and heat resistance. In addition to carbon fiber, graphite, carbon compounds are used in the composition of carbon fiber friction materials. The organic binders in the components must also be carbonized, so the carbon fiber friction material is also called carbon-carbon friction material or carbon titanium friction material.

.. High carbon carbon fiber carbon fiber friction material is one of the best types of friction materials. The carbon fiber friction sheet has high absorption power per unit area and light specific gravity. It is particularly suitable for the production of aircraft brake pads. Some high-grade sports car racing brake pads are also used in foreign countries. Because of its high price, its scope of application is limited,

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