Application Of Organic Pigments In Rubber

In order to obtain distinctive color of rubber products, should be used with high color strength, suitable for rubber processing with organic pigments, which should have the following performance requirements:

 ① good dispersion in the rubber medium, high tinting strength and hiding power: excellent dispersion properties can make products with bright color, high color strength, shorten the rubber mixing time and reduce energy consumption,

 ② heat stability, rubber products need to be formed under heating conditions, colorants should keep the color in the heating process does not change, with excellent heat stability.

 ③ resistance to sulfide stability, in order to improve the strength of rubber products, vulcanization agent must be vulcanized in the presence of vulcanization accelerator and curing agent, the coloring agent does not react with the curing agent and accelerator.

 ④ weather fastness, especially for outdoor use of rubber building materials.

 ⑤ chemical resistance, acid, alkali and water resistance,

 ⑥ migration resistance, in the coloring does not contain softening (plasticizers), lubricants, resulting in the migration of color or color diffusion (Bleed-ing) or bloom.

 ⑦ does not affect the anti-aging properties of rubber products, some metal salts such as Cu, M years can accelerate rubber aging, reduce mechanical strength.

 ⑧ non-toxic, for children's toys, food containers, medical appliances, rubber products, coloring agents should not contain toxic substances.

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