Big Calipers And More Pistons Really Can Not Be So Much Better

The basic principle of the brake is to turn the energy of the wheel by the friction of the brake shoes into heat, and then by the brake disc heat dissipation to the air. As long as the strengthening of friction and cooling capacity, the braking capacity will be improved, modified products is designed for these two points, and thus have a more cost-effective way, want to significantly improve the braking performance, then increase the size of the disc , While the modified athletic brake shoe is worth considering.

Replacement of high-performance brake pads is the most basic and cheapest way to improve the braking system. Currently on the market most of the brake pads are advertised their own effective working temperature is high, but these figures can not really represent the performance of good or bad, the working temperature is only a brake performance in the pointer, driving on the ordinary road, the brake pads The upper limit of the working temperature is not high, 600 ℃ is already very good enough. And ultimately determine the level of braking or brake shoes friction size.

Modification of the brake disc is basically divided into two categories: respectively, the original position of the diameter of the brake disc and increase the diameter of the brake disc. The market is generally sold in the former, the diameter and thickness are usually the same as the original, but they are generally used to punch, crossed and other design. One of the advantages of perforated disc is a higher heat dissipation, but the surface is more prone to uneven wear, scraping wire can effectively increase the brake pads and brake disc friction between, but the cooling capacity of less than the hole. Punching discs also have the advantages of drilling and scrapping, but in some extent there will still be uneven wear characteristics.

Switch to a larger diameter brakes, wheels also need to be replaced with a larger size to match. No matter how the design of the brake disc, even with the original brake calipers and brake pads, only to use a larger diameter brakes, can make the brake performance.