Brembo (Brembo) Introduces New ECS Brake Calipers

Brembo (Brembo) introduces new ECS brake calipers

During the 2017 Shanghai auto show, as a leader in the field of long-term active braking system, Brembo has brought a new all aluminum ECS (electromechanical combination sliding caliper). The aluminum - based brake caliper, with innovative design and unprecedented lightweight design, will be assembled on the new Alpine A110.

Set a number of functions in one

The new ECS brake calipers have an unrivalled lightweight design. In addition, due to the application of new Brembo gear motor, ECS brake caliper brake function of both electrical and mechanical parking brake function. This technology is the latest technology in the EPB (electronic parking brake) series. The EPB series includes the EP independent brake calipers and the Extrema brake calipers introduced a few years earlier. The ECS brake caliper has superior braking performance, and further optimization of friction materials helps the caliper achieve extraordinary braking performance at any temperature or under any conditions.


Ad hoc control software

In order to ensure the safety performance of the emergency and monitoring software developed and carefully tuned dynamic Brembo brake. With this monitoring software, even if the brake caliper two hydraulic lines all fail, the driver can still through the parking brake to achieve vehicle braking.

The new brake calipers have thermal Brembo brake parts clamping function: when the car is parked on a slope, the software will automatically enable the brake caliper, brake disc and brake plates used to reduce thermal deformation, ensure that under the condition of high temperature ramp parking effect.

Lightweight aluminum to build all components

The brake caliper body and the bracket are build by aluminum, iron compared to the performance of the same type floating caliper, new ECS brake calipers unsprung mass decreased 1.25 kilograms (2.7 pounds), the rear axle total weight 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds).

Thanks to the use of aluminum, the appearance of new Brembo brake caliper can be fixed brake calipers and comparable to that by any arbitrary coating, logo logo.

The first new ECS brake calipers are all blue and black oxide and orange coatings will be introduced later.

Brand new ALPINE 110 assembly new brake calipers

As the first batch of the new Alpine A11 ECS brake caliper production in January in Brembo production base line. It also offers front wheel, single, four piston brake calipers for this ultra light French sports car, with hydraulic parts of 38 millimeters.




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