Foreign Inorganic Pigment Production Transferred To China

Foreign inorganic pigment production transferred to China

At present, China is already the world's largest iron and chromium pigment production of lithopone, titanium dioxide production after the United states. In recent years, the prices of energy and raw materials have risen, while the developed countries in the world have entered the mature stage of the product. The possibility of increasing investment is not very large. The average annual growth rate in the coming years is expected to be only 1.4%. This allows multinational companies to put the future prospects for the development of titanium dioxide in Asia, especially in China, the production of titanium dioxide has begun to transfer to china.

Foreign investment in Chinese pigment Market

At present, there is the construction of large-scale chlorination process titanium dioxide project in China's Ningbo, Shandong, Liaoning, Yingkou and other places, is expected to be in 2010 before and after the project is completed and put into operation, investors are from the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries. According to the existing domestic and foreign expansion plans and new projects under construction, is expected before 2008, titanium dioxide production capacity in China will add 300 thousand tons, after 2010 will increase about 500 thousand tons, then China titanium dioxide production capacity will reach about 1 million 600 thousand tons / year, is expected to overtake the United States as the world's largest producer of titanium dioxide. Chlorination process titanium dioxide production capacity will have significant growth, product quality is greatly improved, is expected to become the world worthy of the name Chinese inorganic pigment manufacturing center.

China's iron oxide industry also has the same prospects, foreign well-known iron oxide manufacturers are also optimistic about the Chinese market. Bayer, Rock Wood, the British company Hemmings in the coastal city such as Shanghai, Zhejiang Chinese Fuyang, Jiangsu Changshu, Taicang, Guangdong, Shenzhen and other places to establish a wholly-owned or joint venture. Now, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangdong coastal areas have become iron oxide production bases for overseas enterprises, and the production capacity of these enterprises has reached 120 thousand tons / year, accounting for 15% of the total iron oxide production capacity of china.

The transfer of foreign inorganic pigment production to China has accelerated the market competition of China's inorganic pigment industry while accelerating China to become the world's inorganic pigment production base and sales market.

Strong export growth will be

For a long time, China's export volume of iron oxide and chromium pigments lithopone are much higher than their imports, only titanium dioxide has been imports than exports. But the titanium dioxide import and export trade, import as part of products, since the feed processing and storage of transit goods in bonded trade, eventually exported to foreign countries, so it can be said that the basic balance of import and export trade of titanium dioxide. In 2005, China imported 228 thousand tons of titanium dioxide, of which about 76 thousand tons of imports, processing, trade and bonded areas, warehousing, re export goods and other trading methods; exports of titanium dioxide 155 thousand tons.

With the continuous growth China titanium dioxide production capacity and output, further improve the quality of products, the proportion of titanium dioxide, since the feed processing trade imports will increase, titanium dioxide exports will continue to maintain strong growth momentum, the world Chinese become a net exporter of titanium dioxide, point the day and await for it.

The future trade trend of iron oxide is about the same as that of titanium powder. Since then, the proportion of imported processing trade will remain above 50%, and the export volume will continue to increase.

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