Is The Pigment Of Ceramic Pigment Harmful?

Ceramic pigments are harmful, generally some inorganic substances, or metal pigments, little harm.

Ceramic pigments are raw materials. Raw materials generally have little effect unless they are dusty.

The white ceramic glaze is usually made of feldspar, clay, quartz, barium carbonate, etc. Poor glaze may contain a small amount of iron and other impurities, or firing temperature control is bad, but also non-toxic.

If the glaze used lead minerals, long-term storage of acidic food, may dissolve a small amount of toxic lead, so pay attention to the composition of the glaze to buy.

Workers wear dust-free clothes and masks at work, which reduce the toxic substances inhaled from the body.

The products of colored pigments are fired at high temperatures, forming a protective layer of glaze on the surface, which is harmless to the human body in daily life.

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