Pigment Manufacturers Talk About The Difference Between Water-based Pigments And Water-based Dyes

Before we say that the difference between dyes and pigments, and now we say that the difference between water-based dyes and water-based pigments, both the pros and cons of each, the organic pigment manufacturers have made a sharp contrast.

   Water-based dye ink is a molecular-grade fully dissolved ink. The ink is a complete composite solution. The probability of blocking the ink head is very small. It is easy to be absorbed by the material after printing, and the color is bright and the cost is low. Pigment Violet 19 bright purple powder. Can be used for ink, paint, high-grade plastic resin, paint printing, soft plastic products coloring.

   The advantage is the bright colors, structured and the price is lower than the pigment-based inks, it is the preferred product for printing pictures, making color spray business card applications.

   Bad places are not waterproof, and due to the rapid decomposition of the dye molecules under ultraviolet light, the cause of the outdoor UV light within a month there will be significant fade. GP Orange In general, the summer paint is not easy to spray water is not easy to dry, winter or dry environment is recommended for long periods of storage on the water vapor is relatively heavy place, or in the lid pad a small wet towel, size Be sure to cover all the paint and replace the lid.

   Water-based pigment ink put the image point, that is, powdered ink, of course, this is just the kind of image is not accurate enough. Pigment Yellow 110 Appearance: Similar to the standard product of yellow powder color shade Color strength similar to the standard 100 + 5 Pigment Red 122 is very bright blue light red, shade close to magenta. Accurately speaking, it is the solid pigment grinding into very fine particles, dissolved in a special water solvent (traits: transparent, colorless liquid), is a suspension solution or semi-solution, with our printing and dyeing clothing The same pigment. And dye ink penetration into the medium (the decisive material) and then form the color of the principle is the opposite, it is attached to the medium (the decisive material) (such as copy paper or printing paper, etc.) surface To color hair.

   Therefore, the advantages of water-based paint is to use water-based pigment ink to print, even if the ordinary paper will not print ink, and because the pigment itself is waterproof, it is not easily broken by ultraviolet light, so its water resistance, but also light, print out Even if used outside for more than a year, there is no visible sign of fading.

   The downside is that most printer inks will leave the surface with color material, so glossy prints will not print out even on flat paper such as glossy paper, which is why water-based Pigment ink print out the things are not shiny. Pigment Violet 19 Alias: Quinacridone; 5,12-Dihydroquino [2,3-b] acridine-7,14-dione, approximate to standard.

   In addition, its manufacturing cost is relatively high, so the price is more expensive than the dye ink, the spread as high as two to four times.

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