Please Tell Us The Production Process Of Pigment Dye

Please tell us the production process of pigment dye

Production process of dye and pigment

Synthesis process ---- processing - finished products

Synthesis process:

Raw material selection: feeding in the synthetic step and filter press filter to obtain cake.

Machining process:

Drying or mixing into drums, crushing or spraying and color matching.

Finished goods: packing shipment


Types of dye production, will use different kinds of material according to change and other conditions can be divided into direct,

Acidic (including leather, dye), base, reaction, dispersion of five major categories, and including additives (fluorescent agents).


The main production of PE (polyethylene) masterbatch, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer.) and Rubber (rubber) masterbatch masterbatch, with excellent dispersion and easy weighing without contaminating container masterbatch (MasterBatch), PE is mainly used for injection molding, blow film and bag, EVA foaming and foam and rubber molding.

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