Properties Of Pigments

Properties of pigments

Pigments usually have the following properties:

Colour. Color pigments are pigments that selectively absorb and scatter visible light energy

Yellow, red, blue, green and other colors appear under natural light conditions.

Colouring power. The ability of colored pigments to absorb incoming light. The relative percentage of the tinting power of a standard pigment sample can be expressed.

Covering power. The ability to cover the surface color of a substrate in a film forming material. Commonly used to cover 1 square meters of color paint in the area of grams of paint indicated.

Light fastness. The performance of a pigment to retain its original color under certain light. Generally use eight stage system, eight best.

Weather resistance. The ability of a pigment to retain its original properties in a certain natural or artificial climate. Generally use five stage system, five best.

Volatile matter. Mainly refers to moisture, the general provisions of not more than 1%.

Oil absorption. The amount of refined linseed oil required for the formation of a homogeneous mass of 100 grams of paint, preferably with little oil absorption. The oil absorption is related to the specific surface area and structure of the pigment particles.

Water soluble substance. A water-soluble substance in a pigment that is expressed as a mass percent of the pigment. Paint with paint, usually below 1% in the control of the water soluble matter.

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