Rapid Expansion Of Hardware Enterprises To Achieve Sustainable Development

The hardware chain market has developed rapidly for several years. The development of China's hardware market has benefited from the development of our country's economy and benefited from the rapid development of China's hardware agency industry. Luo Baihui, the Secretary General of the International Model Association, pointed out that China's hardware manufacturing industry has been the manufacturing base of the hardware industry at home and abroad. The production share accounts for more than half of the hardware manufacturing at home and abroad. China's hardware manufacturing industry is in a rapid and large stage. This market condition has laid a foundation for the development of the five gold markets in various provinces and cities.

With the intensification of the market competition pressure, most of the hardware enterprises are in production, the profit space of each stage of its industrial chain is compressing, and the space for reducing the price is decreasing day by day. After the electricity price is up, the production cost of hardware enterprises will increase. It's difficult to shift to the downstream by self digestion, and the profit margins of hardware enterprises will be further squeezed. The vicious circle of industrial chain development has led many hardware enterprises to realize that if we want to develop in the long run and do well in the market, we must choose the new battlefield again. At the same time, only by price competition can't establish core competitiveness, not the direction of long-term development, and strive to explore new development path. At the same time, we must enhance technological innovation and quality improvement of enterprises themselves. Establish a new main line of operation so as to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.

First tier cities are developing, and there are gaps in the two or three tier cities.

In the next five years or ten years, the construction of the full-time market will be developed from the front-line city to the two or three line city, the eastern and coastal economically developed areas extend to the underdeveloped areas in the middle and western regions; the one or two generation market occupies a significant proportion, the development potential is large, the pace of transformation and promotion will be faster; the newly built three generation market has little proportion. However, because of the large scale, large regional impact and strong impact on the original market pattern, it is difficult to reestablish a regional market structure with its own center. Therefore, some of them have not reached the expected goal and effect, and are in the period of adjustment and cultivation.

At the same time, a considerable number of cities, as the market for the market, are not only large in quantity, not high in grade, but also in comprehensive type. They have not formed special features and misplaced operations. The results have resulted in the intensification of competition, the development is restricted, the re shuffling is inevitable, and the number of small and provincial, provinces and cities is international. The full-time market, we are very optimistic, this is the local market into the most active, most vitality of the domestic and foreign market cells, these full-time market not only market space, but also with the local industry has a good combination, the support of local government is far greater than his type of full-time market.

The hardware industry, in addition to its industrial cluster area, in the development of other areas, we can see that the development of the first tier cities is still mature, no matter which market will have the corresponding scale of operation. But relatively speaking, the development of the two or three tier cities is still lacking. In the next three to five years, with the deepening of urban planning, I believe that it will also drive the development of hardware channels for two or three tier cities. If the enterprise wants to develop agents, Star tools might learn to build their own stores, as soon as possible. It might be a good way to houston.

Only by continuously improving and strengthening infrastructure construction can the hardware market operators ensure the supply of quality and stable information technology services. Only by continuous improvement and development of new information technology platform can a good service platform be provided, and the improvement and promotion of market management and transaction means can be promoted.

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