Reason And Treatment Of Sliding Of Disc Brake

1, friction block material deterioration. Such as: the vehicle in the process of falling down, long or frequent use of brake, friction block and brake disc sliding friction and produce high temperature, high temperature materials in the organic polymer decomposition.

2, the brake disc is generally steel, although there is a certain degree of metal hardness, but the high temperature will not be oxidized, not only reduce the hardness, and too fast cooling will be deformed, resulting in rapid wear brake disc, disc surface roughness reduced Produce a deep groove, even if the replacement of the new friction plate brake will not be improved, and the deformation of the case caused by unbalanced wheel movement, body shake.

3, friction and slippery use of the case of braking, the temperature will be higher and higher, will inevitably lead to increased temperature of the brake cylinder, rubber pieces of aging, these are the adverse factors affecting the brake.

Therefore, in addition to the routine inspection of the hydraulic brake system of the vehicle, special attention should be paid to the surface roughness of the friction material, which is very important to ensure the braking effect.