The Main Problem Of Unqualified Friction Material

It is understood that the brake coefficient of automotive brake lining products, the specified friction coefficient is the deviation of the product standard is the most important two indicators, can directly reflect the merits of the product friction performance. Product friction coefficient is too high or too low will have a direct impact on the car brake effect, low friction coefficient will produce a brake is not sensitive or even the serious consequences of brake failure, high friction coefficient will lead to car brake after the slip or even flip the serious consequences The So in each temperature have a stable coefficient of friction is an important performance of high-quality products. Friction coefficient of the scope of application, 100 ℃, generally between 0.25 to 0.65, the temperature rise its scope also will widen, the upper limit rose to 0.70, the lower limit also declined.

The allowable deviation of the specified friction coefficient refers to the difference between the friction coefficient of the product measured in each temperature section and the product specified friction coefficient, which can not exceed the range specified in the standard.