What Is A High Temperature Organic Pigment?

In fact, high-temperature organic pigments relative to other organic pigments have high temperature and excellent performance of the pigment. Organic pigments commonly used in plastic coloring, in addition to its proper coloring properties, but also have to meet the needs of the plastic coloring process requirements of dispersion, heat resistance, migration resistance, coloring products in the use of the environment, should have weathering Sexual, optical rotation, solvent resistance and meet the food hygiene standards and so on.

 With the extensive application of organic pigments, the impact of pigment decomposition products on the human body and the environment is drawing more and more attention. In general, traditional benzidine yellow and orange series pigments are thermally decomposed when the polymer processing temperature exceeds 200 ° C. The products of decomposition are monoazo compounds and aromatic amines. When the temperature exceeds 240 ° C., they also produce bis Chlorpheniramine. Under these conditions, high temperature organic pigments have more advantages than other common organic pigments.

 High-performance organic pigments in the application of plastic performance is very good, but its price is quite high. Although high-performance production is very low, but the excellent performance, combined with the more complex synthetic process, the production cost is relatively high.

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