What Is The Material Of Car Calipers?

The material of the car caliper is wear-resistant and high-strength carbon steel. The hardness of this steel can be used as a brake caliper for a long time without being worn out. Carbon steel is carbon steel less than 1.35% (0.1% -1.2%), in addition to iron, carbon and within limits of silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and other impurities, excluding other alloying elements of steel. The performance of carbon steel depends mainly on the carbon content.

Brake calipers are the pincer-like devices that have the function of decelerating, stopping, or stopping the moving wheels, and are generally used only for the disc brake system. The working principle of the disc brakes can be described as a plate, the thumb and forefinger pinch the rotating plate, the plate will stop rotating, thumb and index finger is played the role of brake calipers.

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