What Is The Role Of Brake Calipers?

According to the brake caliper movement, the floating caliper brake can be divided into sliding caliper disc brake and swinging caliper disc brake, sliding caliper disc brake which is more widely used. The features of the sliding caliper disc brakes are: the brake caliper can make axial sliding movement relative to the brake disc; only the inner cylinder of the brake disc and the outer brake pad are attached to the caliper body. Second, the fixed brake is a fixed-caliper disc brake. The caliper body 5 spanning the brake disc 1 is fixedly mounted on the axle 6 and can not rotate nor move in the direction of the disc axis. The two pistons 2 therein are respectively located on the two side. Braking, the brake fluid from the master cylinder (master cylinder) through the inlet port 4 into the body in the two communicating hydraulic chamber, the brake pads 3 on both sides of the wheel is pressed against the fixed connection Of the brake disc 1, resulting in braking.

This type of brake has the following drawbacks: more oil cylinders complicate the structure of the brake caliper; the oil cylinders are arranged on both sides of the brake disc and must be connected by the internal or external oil pipe extending across the brake disc, which makes the brake Clamp size is too large, difficult to install in the modern car's rims; when the heat load is large, the brake fluid in the cylinder and the oil pipe or oil passage across the brake disc is easily vaporized; to be used in parking brake, you must Install a mechanically actuated parking brake caliper. For brake system modification is to brake test carried out to ensure its safety, generally can not add their own.

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