Why Can't You Brake The Bigger Calipers?

Why can't you brake the bigger calipers?

The brake caliper is divided into many kinds, in addition, we compare the well-known Brembo and AP, Alcon, Endless, and DTM are frequent in the Le Mans race.



Like younger, cost-effective, but also StopTech, Frando, Arqray and other brands.

Why is the price difference between calipers f so far away?

Generally speaking, the caliper can be divided into two parts, one body type and one split type. Brembo's GTR series, for example, and Alcon are all in one. Endless MONO the more use of top material integrally forged, Shiduowanyi sets, not carbon ceramic.


 It's also easy to differentiate between the all-in-one and the split. A line can be seen at the top of the split caliper, with screws to help secure it, and there is no one.


In use, are there any differences between one-piece and split? Yes。 In the extreme case, including the high temperature, the split calipers will appear like the extent of external expansion. Thereby reducing braking force. Of course, the whole type of caliper also depends on strength and material, high strength expansion, cold contraction of the small, the higher the strength, the greater the braking force, in the harsh environment, the less deformation.



The cost of the one-piece forging calipers is much higher than that of the split calipers, and the manufacturing process is very complex, which is the main reason for his high price.

Next is the piston, the material of the piston is divided into many kinds, some are steel, some are wrought aluminium alloy, and the top pistons are all titanium alloy. Titanium alloy pistons will also have a lot of cooling holes, no dust pad, regular maintenance, in addition to brake ash.



The piston material will affect the temperature of the brake brake pads to guide oil, the more the material difference temperature Xingyue, piston heat insulation ability will cause the brake oil boiling very fast. Once the brake fluid is boiling, the braking force is equal to 0.

So when we choose the caliper to clear their own purposes, generally used for street use caliper body, one track is the most simple use of calipers used respectively, if your budget is enough, certainly suggest one forging stronger calipers.

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